Facial Reconstruction

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons routinely evaluate and treat patients with different levels of maxillofacial defects resulting from trauma, tumor resection and/or teeth extractions.

Dr Ashwin Kassan, Facial Reconstruction, Maxillo-facial and Oral Surgeon

Facial Reconstruction

In certain trauma cases, the goal of reconstruction is a one-stage repair, made possible by the application of special oral and maxillofacial surgery techniques. Early or immediate surgical treatment and the stabilization of small bone fragments augmented by bone grafts and miniplate rigid fixation allow surgeons to approach and often reach the goal of restoring pre-injury facial appearance and function while at the same time minimizing revision surgery.

Without treatment in a timely manner, many individuals will develop future problems, often more severe than if the injury had been immediately repaired. However, modern oral and maxillofacial surgical techniques can now offer hope for patients with pre-existing post-traumatic facial deformities despite considerable delays between injury, diagnosis, and treatment. These innovative techniques establish a higher standard of care for the management of facial injuries.

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