Patient Reviews

Written Testimonials

Afternoon Dr and Mrs Bates,
I would like to thank you both for the wonderful operation conducted to remove a 5 years old burden out of my mouth. To me it was more than a bad wisdom tooth, it was something that hindered my self-esteem and the constant pain made me a person that I am not, so thank you all for restoring normality to my life.
The healing procedure was and still is going so well, that I thought I could return to the office today. Well that and academic work pressure. I did not know that this was illegal to do, and I have been kindly asked to have the dates revised to today’s return instead of the 26th.
I apologise for the inconvenience , but your wonderful work made me feel like I could do anything now 😊
Warm Regards
Mfundo Mpinga

Hi Dr Ashwin, The family just want to thank you for going out of your way in order to give us peace of mind.
Thank you for your kindness. Please forward your account for the housecall to me.
Kind Regards
Dawn, Donivan and Andy Jansen van Rensburg

Dear Dr Kassan
As employers of Marcia Leta, we were informed that her son (Siya Leta) had recently been to see you with regards to a dental problem on Monday 18th May. They were both very happy and relieved to hear your assessment of the problem and comforted with your suggested treatment & referral letter to Livingston. Marcia expressed to us the caring way in which you assisted them, grateful she could bring her son to you and at no cost to the appointment. Thank you Dr Kassan. We appreciate your extremely kind generosity in a very difficult season and for your special time in consulting, reassuring and guiding Marcia & Siya forward.
Yours faithfully
Grant & Cindy Williamson